What sets our used vehicles apart from the competition? TÜV-tested reliability.

Amazing performance. Four triumphs in the TÜV report. Who else but MAN.

Many enablers: This was the 4th year in a row that the strong and reliable MAN team has produced the best results in the TÜV report. This means: Compared to other truck manufacturers, it's MAN whose trucks pass the roadworthiness tests performed by TÜV without any complaints in the largest number.

An excellent end result – thanks to an exceptional team effort. This means: MAN trucks' trustworthiness is far above average. Because the 1st class quality of our vehicles and the tailored services we provide are convincing through and through.

Do you need it down in black and white? You can find the full TÜV report at www.vdtuev.de.

Download the TÜV report on commercial vehicles for 2015.