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Warranty Options
MAN TopUsed offers technically assessed trucks with various warranty options. We give the possibility to aquire certain trucks with a warranty in months, years or mileage. This keeps the customer on the safe side and protects against unexpected repair costs. Be assured that repairs will be done with MAN Genuine Parts by MAN trained professionals.

Maintenance Contracts
MAN TopUsed offers maintenance contracts that give you clear-cut fixed costs and sure cost planning. Furthermore it helps to improve performance and increase profitability as a result of minimized downtimes and prolonged vehicle availability. Maintenance will be done in our official workshops within our network of MAN Truck & Bus in the whole Middle East. We give you a quality guarantee by using only MAN Genuine parts and certainty about the maintenance costs.

Buy Back Possibilities
MAN TopUsed offers exclusive buy back options. The purchase of a truck which meets certain conditions comes with a guarantee to sell the truck back to us for an agreed price after a specific duration. This minimizes risks and gives assurance of vehicle replacement capital for the customer. We prove the confidence about our vehicles by this service.

Local Adaptability
MAN TopUsed offers a huge variety of services for every requirement. Now we also do official legal conversions to local Euro norm. This helps you to operate more profitable than ever as no AdBlue is required after the conversion.

MAN ProfiDrive Training
MAN TopUsed offers ProfiDrive training to customers, who have purchased our checked, certified and trusted MAN vehicles. The qualified advanced training of drivers is the theoretical and practical solution to assure a safe and economic driving style. The drivers will learn how to have perfect command of their vehicles and get an in depth course on technology and safety systems.

Other Services:
MAN TopUsed offers services beyond these to customers. If shipment is required, it will be organized by us. We can also do the vehicle registration and various modifications. More services are available upon request.

For all offers terms and conditions are applicable. Please contact us for the details.